4D Ultrasound Videos Made at Our Studio
We are now on YouTube!

We are often asked to explain the difference between 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound. This is why we posted these videos, which are just smaller versions or fragments of the original ultrasound sessions that are performed at our facilities. These videos are a combination of 2D (black and white in two-dimensions images), 3D (colored real images), and 4D ultrasounds (movements of the baby). To watch the videos just click on the link below or go directly to our channel. Enjoy! 

13weeks 13weeks video at 22weeks 22weeks
26weeks 26weeks 27weeks 27weeks
28weeks 28weeks 4d at 30weeks 30weeks
video at 30wks 30weeks ultrasound at 34weeks 34weeks
video at 35weeks 35weeks 4d 38weeks 38weeks
ultrasound at 36weeks 36weeks

More advanced technology introduced 3d and 4d ultrasounds into our lives not so long time ago. Many future parents were disappointed after standard 2d sonograms when all they can see is a gray shape. This is because a 2d diagnostic ultrasound runs right through your baby, so the photos show only his or her insides. With 3d and 4d scans, you see your baby's skin instead of their insides, and can get a clear look at your developing baby's face and body. The "4D" or fourth dimension is time - if you're lucky, you may get to see your baby wiggle or stretch as the scan is performed, or even yawn, roll over, or stick his or her tongue out.

Having a ultrasound scan is a procedure that entails a some deal of preparation. One of the best ways to see whether you will be ready  would be to evaluate the regular routines of some people who were already had the same experience. Emulate their routines, because they are exactly where you wish to be. Also, ask these questions:

  • Do you look for an ultrasound studio near you?

  • Do you check out the cost?
  • Do you find out about quality of the service?

Those need to be the kind of inquiries that anybody who expects to have an ultrasound session may want to reply yes to. These particular routines will make it easy for you to be ready for ultrasound sessions. If you can do this, then the information obtained would become very worthwhile.

To get nice images and videos for unborn babies might be very challenging. During the procedure, a sonographer encounters many factors that could lead to a poor quality of the images.

Before making an appointment for sonogram find out what kind of service those studios are offering. Try to check out the quality and authenticity of the product that your imaging center provides. We would advise you to try do you research thoroughly before going to your ultrasound appointment. At Ultrasound Baby Images, we believe that 3d 4d sessions must be a good experience for expectant mothers and fathers.

"I loved this place! I was looking to save a bit of money since I was taking my parents to see the baby and I already had a previous ultrasound but I still wanted high quality service and products. Well this place went above that. It was roomy and they had such a wonderful staff. I felt comfortable like it was my own Mom giving me the ultrasound. On top of that, I'm military and asked if they had a discount, which they didn't, but they were so caring that they gave me a free CD. I am so appreciative. I want all expecting parents to have a great experience; this is the place to go." Esmeralda Ortega