3D Ultrasound at 34 Weeks

This is a page of 3d ultrasound images at 34 weeks of pregnancy taken at our 3d 4d ultrasound studio

Your baby’s weight is over 4.5 pounds by now and the baby has a size almost 18 inches long which is about a size of a small melon.  She is getting fatter that is supposed to keep baby’s body temperature regulated after she is born.  The fat makes the baby looks more round.  The baby’s skin is very smooth by this stage. Her central nervous system is continued to develop as well as her lungs. If babies born between 34 and 37 weeks they, usually have no health problems and most of the times, in the long run they develop just fine.

Most recognizable facts of fetal development at this stage: a baby sill gaining weight.

3dultrasound-34weeks-AAA_15 3dultrasound-34weeks-AAA_25 3dultrasound-34weeks-EE_9
3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_2 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_16 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_17
3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_15 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_3 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_21
3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_4 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_22 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_30
3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_32 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_39 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_41
3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_42 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_45 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_47
3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_48 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_52 3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_54
3dultrasound-34weeks-GG_55 3dultrasound-34weeks-VV_3 3dultrasound-34weeks-VV_52
3dultrasound-34weeks-VV_25 3dultrasound-34weeks-VV_26 3dultrasound-34weeks-VV_36