3D Ultrasound at 33 Weeks

This is a page of 3d ultrasound images at 33 weeks of pregnancy taken at our 3d 4d ultrasound studio

At 33 week baby’s weighs is more than four pounds and a baby has a size over 17 inches. It is comparable to size of a big pineapple.  A baby’s skeleton is hardening.  The interesting fact is that bones of the baby’s skull are not blend into a whole yet. They are loose and might be overlapped to facilitate a movement through a birth canal.

Most recognizable facts of fetal development at this stage: baby's kidneys are fully developed and the liver is functioning. The baby continues to add more weight.

3d-ultrasound-33weeks-GGG_18 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-GGG_55 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-II_15
3d-ultrasound-33weeks-II_15 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-II_16 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-II_22
3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_2 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_5 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_6
3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_14 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_17 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_18
3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_22 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_25 3d-ultrasound-33weeks-MMM_27