3D Ultrasound at 30 Weeks

This is a page of 3d ultrasound images at 30 weeks of pregnancy taken at our 3d 4d ultrasound studio

At 30 weeks a baby grows about 15.7 inches long and her weight is around 3 pounds (could be compare with a size of a large cabbage).  At this stage of the development an amount of amniotic fluid is about 1.5 liters or a pint and a half.  A baby still develops the eyesight and her eyes are opening; however, the baby only has 20/400 a vision ratio as to a comparison of 20/20 of perfect adult vision.  In other words, a baby only recognizes objects that are a few inches to her face. Most recognizable facts of fetal development at this stage: baby's toenails by now are formed. A baby starts practicing to breath, and also continues to gain weight.

3dultrasound-30weeks-CCC_5_00 3dultrasound-30weeks-EE_28 3dultrasound-30weeks-EE_30
3dultrasound-30weeks-EE_31 3dultrasound-30weeks-EE_32 3dultrasound-30weeks-EE_33
3dultrasound-30weeks-EE_34 3dultrasound-30weeks-GIGI_40 3dultrasound-30weeks-GIGI_47
3dultrasound-30weeks-GIGI_55 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_17 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_27
3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_31 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_33 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_38
3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_41 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_42 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_44
3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_47 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_49 3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_53
3dultrasound-30weeks-JJJ_54 3dultrasound-30weeks-VV_25