3D Ultrasound at 29 Weeks

This is a page of 3d ultrasound images at 29 weeks of pregnancy taken at our 3d 4d ultrasound studio

At 29 weeks a baby’s weight is about 2 1/2 pounds (could be compared with the size of butternut squash) and is over 15 inches long from head to heel. Baby’s muscles and lungs continue to mature, and baby’s head expands bigger to create more space as the brain grows. As baby grows bigger it might be a challenge for you to keep up with your nutrition. You should consume more protein, pay special attention to vitamins, especially, vitamin C, and also folic acid, and iron. Plus, try to increase your daily milk because baby’s bones have to get lots of calcium. If you not a big fan of drinking milk, then, try to substitute milk for another product that rich in calcium, such as orange juice, cheese, and yogurt. The number to follow up is about 250 milligrams of calcium on a daily basis are needed for baby’s skeleton to develop properly. Most recognizable facts of fetal development at this stage: a baby continues to develop as he or she gains weight.

3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_2 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_3 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_5
3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_10 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_13 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_14
3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_15 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_17 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_18
3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_20 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_21 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_22
3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_23 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_25 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_26
3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_27 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_30 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_31
3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_32 3dultrasound-29weeks-BBB_33 3dultrasound-29weeks-III_19
3dultrasound-29weeks-III_26 3dultrasound-29weeks-III_32 3dultrasound-29weeks-III_37
3dultrasound-29weeks-III_42 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_17 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_24
3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_26 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_27 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_30
3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_31 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_32 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_33
3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_34 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_35 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_36
3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_37 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_40 3dultrasound-29weeks-MMM_44