3D Ultrasound at 27 Weeks

This is a page of 3d ultrasound images at 27 weeks of pregnancy taken at our 3d 4d ultrasound studio

At this time a baby weight is about 2 pounds and has a size around 14 ½ inches from head to heel (could be compare with a size of cauliflower).  By now the baby sleeps and wakes up at regular intervals and might suck on her fingers. Even though the baby started on inhaling and exhaling an amniotic fluid her lungs is still immature. If she is born right now the baby would be needed lots of medical help to survive.  Moms could be feeling some little movements because of baby’s hiccups that could be regular issue from now on.  Those hiccups usually are short timed and they don’t bother the baby.

Most recognizable facts of fetal development at this stage:  baby’s muscles are maturing.  The baby continues to gain weight.

3dultrasound-27weeks-A_10 3dultrasound-27weeks-A_21 3dultrasound-27weeks-CCC_5
3dultrasound-27weeks-CCC_16 3dultrasound-27weeks-CCC_26 3dultrasound-27weeks-CCC_30
3dultrasound-27weeks-CCC_33 3dultrasound-27weeks-CCC_35 3dultrasound-27weeks-CCC_54
3dultrasound-27weeks-III_5 3dultrasound-27weeks-III_28 3dultrasound-27weeks-III_33
3dultrasound-27weeks-KIM_7 3dultrasound-27weeks-KIM_42 3dultrasound-27weeks-KIM_50
3dultrasound-27weeks-KKK_14 3dultrasound-27weeks-KKK_17 3dultrasound-27weeks-KKK_25
3dultrasound-27weeks-KKK_27 3dultrasound-27weeks-LLL¬_4 3dultrasound-27weeks-LLL¬_23
3dultrasound-27weeks-LLL¬_27 3dultrasound-27weeks-LLL¬_30