3D Ultrasound at 15 Weeks

This is a page of 3d ultrasound images at 15 weeks of pregnancy taken at our 3d 4d ultrasound studio.

Your baby is about 4 inches long, and she weighs about 2 ½ ounces. The baby continues to move amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract which helps to develop her lungs.  The baby’s lower limbs start growing longer than her upper limbs, and the baby by now can move all her limbs and joints as well.  Her eyes are still not opening, yet but the baby can sense the light. The baby continues to grow lanugo (soft hair) all over the body which is supposed to help in skin developing.

Most recognizable facts of fetal development at this stage: the baby’s skeletal system is continuing to develop.

 3dultrasound-15weeks-KKK_12  3dultrasound-15weeks-RACHEL_14  3dultrasound-15weeks-RACHEL_15
 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_32  3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_36  3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_37
 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_24 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_27 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_29
3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_18 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_20 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_21
3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_17 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_12 3dultrasound-15weeks-CCC_11